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Prescribed fees (Animal Care and Protection Regulation 2012)

Applications and requests Fee($)
Application for registration (Act, s 52(2)(d))-  
(a) for an individual 784.15
(b) for the state, to the extent the application relates to all state schools 382.45
(c) for a corporation or corporation sole that carries on, or is the governing body of, a primary or secondary school 382.45
(d) for another corporation or a public authority, if the corporation or authority has -  
(i) fewer than 10 employees 784.15
(ii) 10 to 50 employees 1,177.15
(iii) more than 50 employees 1,568.70
Copy of register (Act, s 62(c)) 47.00
Application for replacement registration certificate (Act, s 88(2)) 78.25
Application for approval to use animals for unlawful scientific purposes (Act, s 93(2)) 784.15

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