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Public access to the register of scientific animal use

Details of each person registered to use animals for scientific purposes will be entered into the register of scientific use, which can be accessed by the public.

A registered person or applicant for registration may apply to be exempted from disclosure of registration details in the register on the basis that they are likely to be disadvantaged by this disclosure. Exemption from disclosing a person's name can only be given if the person is an individual (i.e. not a corporation or learning institution).

Application for exemption from disclosure of registration details

The register states:

  • the registered person´s name, address and registered number
  • the animal ethics committee to be used and its terms of reference
  • if the person is not an individual, the office holder to whom the chairperson of the animal ethics committee must report
  • the date of expiry of current registration and other information considered appropriate.

This register may be inspected and extracts taken from it during office hours at Biosecurity Queensland - Animal Welfare and Ethics' office at 41 George Street, Brisbane City 4000.

Inspections and extracts are free of charge.

A copy of the register or part of it is available for a prescribed fee. Complete the application form for issuing public register to obtain a copy.

Further information