Honey grades

In 1964, a standard system of honey grading using a Pfund Honey Colour Grader was introduced in Australia. It was modified in June 1981 to bring the Australian scale in line with the international scale.

National honey grades

Pfund honey colour
grader range (mm)
Official Australian grade
0-34 White
35-48 Extra light amber
48-65 Light amber
65-83 Pale amber
83-100 Medium amber
101-114 Amber
Above 114 Dark amber

Colour grades of some Queensland honeys

mm Floral source
4-35 White clover
15-35 Brush box
20-30 Narrow leaf ironbark
20-35 Dusky-leaved ironbark
30-45 Yellow box
35-45 Yapunyah, brown box
40-60 Stringybark
45-95 Paper-barked tea-tree
50-70 Blue gum
75-81 Pink bloodwood
Above 90 Blue heliotrope

Further reading

Blake, ST and Roff, C 1988, Honey Flora of Queensland, Department of Primary Industries.