Australian bat lyssavirus - information for veterinarians

Chief Veterinary Officer update
Serology confirming adequate seroconversion is no longer required.

This means blood samples do not need to be taken at the time of the first vaccination, nor a second sample 21 days after the second vaccine dose. Consequently the third consultation (to take the second blood sample) is no longer necessary.

An updated application form (PDF, 103KB) for CVO approval to use the rabies vaccine for ABLV prophylaxis is available to download.

The ABLV information for veterinarians will be updated shortly.

The ABLV- information for veterinarians includes:

  • information about Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV)
  • laboratory submission of bats
  • options for managing the risk of ABLV infection in animals that have had contact with bats or other potential sources of ABLV
  • how to get authorisation to purchase and use rabies vaccine for prevention of disease due to ABLV.

ABLV - information for veterinarians (PDF, 451.3KB)

Who can use the rabies vaccine?

Who can use the rabies vaccine depends on why it is being used.

A registered veterinarian with case-specific authorisation from the Queensland Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) can use the rabies vaccine in Queensland to manage ABLV risk following potential exposure to ABLV.

All veterinarians fully registered by a State or Territory Veterinary Board can order and use the rabies vaccine to prepare cats and dogs for export from Australia. Purchase and use of the rabies vaccine for export does not require Australian government accreditation or prior authorisation from the CVO.

Veterinarians should only prepare companion animals for export if they are confident and familiar with Australia’s animal health certification system. Further information about meeting export requirements is available from the Australian Government website.

Apply to use the rabies vaccine for ABLV risk management

Submit an application (PDF, 103KB) to use Nobivac inactivated rabies vaccine for post-exposure prophylaxis following potential exposure to ABLV.

Submit your application by email or fax to (07) 3087 8328.