Animal Welfare Advisory Board

The Queensland Government has established the animal welfare advisory board comprising technical, community and industry representatives to advise the Minister on animal welfare matters.

The Animal Welfare Advisory Board (AWAB) advises the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries on issues associated with the development and promotion of codes of practices for the humane treatment of animals - on farm, in transport and at the point of slaughter. Membership of the board is made up of representatives from key animal welfare and industry groups. The representatives provide:

  • a balance of experience, expertise, and knowledge of contemporary animal husbandry and animal management systems
  • understanding of community attitudes and expectations relating to animal welfare and community advocacy.

The function of the AWAB is to provide expert and impartial advice to the Minister on animal welfare matters to improve the welfare of animals in Queensland. AWAB aims to improve the welfare of animals in Queensland by providing forward-looking advice on welfare legislation, policy, strategies and programs. The board champions community based solutions and responses to issues and takes into consideration any relevant matters such as good practice, national and international trends, practicalities, industry capability, public opinion, scientific knowledge and animal ethics.

The Animal Welfare Advisory Board's Terms of Reference has more information about how the board operates.