Livestock management for small landholders

Small landholders (1-100ha) are usually located on the outer edges of urban development in towns and cities with their impact on water resources and quality, land condition and biosecurity more concentrated in these areas.

Owning livestock on a small property can be for production, pets, lawnmowers or just for lifestyle. Ownership comes with responsibilities to the animals, neighbours, the environment, and in many cases to legislation

Your healthy and productive livestock

Information in the links should help you enjoy being a livestock owner even more, and also reduce any animal welfare or land and water degradation problems.

Why do you want or have livestock?

Refer to the information below to get a match between the animals and your goals for livestock ownership:

  • reason for owning livestock – income, home production, pasture management, personal pleasure
  • your level of knowledge and skills in managing animals
  • the amount of time you have to manage them

Alpacas, llamas and camels