Barrier fences

In Queensland, there are 3 types of barrier fences to manage pest animals that are identified in legislation. These are the wild dog barrier fence which protects sheep grazing areas of the south and south-west of Queensland, the wild dog check fences which protect areas of grazing land in southern Queensland from wild dogs, and the rabbit fence.

All land owners are required to manage the impacts of wild dogs and rabbits on their properties.

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, current management, maintenance and penalties apply.

For the fences to remain effective, they are regularly patrolled to check for damage caused by wind, water, fire, animals or other factors. Penalties can apply for unreasonable and unauthorised damage to the fences, failing to close gates or obstructing maintenance activities.

Fences are administered and regularly checked for damage by the following organisations:

  • Biosecurity Queensland - wild dog barrier fence
  • Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Board - DDMRB fence
  • local government - wild dog check fences.