Wild dog management strategy

The Wild Dog Management Strategy 2011–16 (PDF, 1.3MB) is a result of an extensive review by Queensland Dog Offensive Group (QDOG) in conjunction with various comments and recommendations received from key stakeholders, government agencies and animal groups.

This strategy, while similar in approach to the 2002 strategy, incorporates improvements in knowledge and techniques and aims to address the social issues that can hinder effective wild dog management.

The strategy has a series of actions:

  • zero tolerance of wild dogs inside the Wild Dog Barrier Fence (WDBF)
  • control of wild dogs elsewhere in the state
  • reduction of wild dog impacts in the coastal, peri-urban and rural residential management zones
  • ensuring the community is informed and committed to wild dog management and has access to the most current control methods and management techniques
  • conservation of dingo populations in Queensland.

This strategy will allow stakeholders to develop management plans for their sites to achieve long-term, effective management of wild dogs.