Queensland Feral Pest Initiative

The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative supports projects for invasive plant and animal management.

Since 2015, the Queensland Government has committed $19.74 million to assist regional communities with the construction of cluster fences and the control of invasive plants and animals. This investment has been complemented with $13 million from the Federal Government.

The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative provides funding to eligible organisations including:

  • National Resource Management (NRM) groups
  • incorporated industry associations
  • local government authorities
  • regional organisations of local governments or an equivalent body

Eligible organisations must develop regional projects through consultation with affected stakeholders that may include:

  • primary producers
  • local government authorities
  • Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups
  • Landcare groups
  • wild dog committees
  • catchment management groups
  • local training and employment organisations
  • Indigenous groups
  • environmental organisations
  • other community groups

The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative Oversight Group (the Oversight Group) oversees the development and implementation of the initiative. The Oversight Group includes government and non-government representatives from:

  • AgForce
  • Queensland Farmers Federation
  • Local Government Association of Queensland
  • NRM Regions Queensland
  • Queensland Conservation Council
  • Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
  • Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF)
  • Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME)
  • Department of Environment and Science (DES)

Current Funding

Round 3

See the Applicant guidelines

Round 3 funding of $7 million was allocated from 2019. The successful projects include:

  • RAPAD – Central Western Queensland Round 3 Cluster Fencing Program
  • Fitzroy Basin Association – Dawson and Isaac Catchment Integrated Pest Control (DICIPC)
  • Western Downs Regional Council – Utilising all tools in the toolbox for Wild Dogs in WDRC
  • Maranoa Regional Council – Maranoa Collaborative Area Management Project - Stage 3
  • Goondiwindi Regional Council – Goondiwindi Regional Council Stage 3 Cluster Fence Project
  • Southern Gulf NRM – Flinders River Catchment prickly acacia eradication program
  • Whitsunday Regional Council – Increasing local government capacity in feral animal control programs in the Whitsunday Region and to improve economic and environmental outcomes
  • Southern Downs Regional Council – Building a sustainable sheep and wool industry through exclusion fencing in the Southern Downs
  • Southern Queensland NRM – QFPI Round 3 - SQNRM

Previous Funding

Round 1

Round 1 funding of $15 million was allocated from 2015. The successful projects include:

  • Southern Downs Regional Council – Increasing Community support and participation in wild dog management activities in the Southern Downs and Goondiwindi Regional Council areas. COMPLETED
  • South West NRM – Collaborative Area Management Phase 2. COMPLETED
  • Goondiwindi Regional Council – Goondiwindi Regional Council Co-ordinated Feral Pest Project. COMPLETED
  • Maranoa Regional Council – Maranoa Regional Collaborative Area Management Plan
  • Quilpie Shire Council – Quilpie Shire / SWRED wild dog on ground action plan
  • RAPAD – Central Western Queensland and Flinders Region Strategic Fencing Initiative. COMPLETED
  • Desert Channels Queensland – Tackling Prickly Acacia through aligned weed management. COMPLETED
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries – Improve feral cat management in eastern Australia in partnership with universities, state government and not for profit land management agencies and other invasive species management research agencies.

Round 2

Round 2 funding of $8.84 million was allocated from 2016.  The successful projects include:

  • RAPAD – Central Western Queensland and Flinders region cluster fencing. COMPLETED
  • Cape York NRM – Reducing the economic and environmental impacts of high priority weeds in the Cape York region
  • Desert Channels Queensland – Northern Lake Eyre Basin Prickly Acacia Eradication Program - Stage 3
  • Fitzroy Basin Association – Dawson Catchment Integrated Vertebrates Pest Control (DCIV)
  • Southern Queensland NRM (formerly Queensland Murray-Darling Committee) -  Eradicating breeding population of Rabbits in local area and Strategic Deer control in targeted areas
  • Townsville City Council – Yellow Crazy Ant program, Nome Townsville. COMPLETED
  • Goondiwindi Regional Council – Goondiwindi Regional Council Stage 2 Cluster Fence Project
  • Maranoa Regional Council – Barrier Fence to the Queensland Border Collaborative Area Management Project
  • Western Downs Regional Council – Pests, Partnerships and People power in the Western Downs
  • Southern Gulf NRM – Prickly Acacia management on Lawn Hill, Punjaub and Neumayer Valley Stations to stop the spread and reduce the density
  • Balonne Shire Council – Maranoa-Balonne: Targeted Monitoring, Aerial Baiting and Trapping Program for inaccessible areas
  • McKinlay Shire Council – McKinlay Mesquite Common Area Eradication Program
  • Cassowary Coast Regional Council – Kosters Curse (Clidemia hirta)
  • Southern Downs Regional Council – Strategic Cross Border Wild Dog Control & Landholder Capacity Building
  • Longreach Regional Council – Snake Cactus Control Project
  • Southern Queensland (formerly South West NRM) – Collaborative Area Management Phase 3
  • Hinchinbrook Shire Council – Effective Management of Coastal Feral Pig population in the Hinchinbrook Shire

Round 2.2

Round 2.2 funding of $1.9 million was allocated from 2016. The successful projects include:

  • RAPAD – QLD Wild Dog Control Coordinators project
  • Southern Downs Regional Council – SDRC Invasive Pests Control Scheme - a Model for Queensland Local Government
  • Barcoo Shire Council – Capacity building of Barcoo Shire landowners to meeting biosecurity obligations
  • Winton Shire Council – Capacity building of Winton Shire Council landowners to improve biosecurity obligations and responsibilities including wild dog management
  • Maranoa Regional Council – Pests Without Borders
  • Barcaldine Regional Council – Barcaldine Regional Council - Good Neighbour Programme
  • Bulloo Shire Council – Bulloo Shire Biosecurity Enhancement Project