Queensland Feral Pest Initiative

The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative (QFPI) funds projects for invasive plant and animal management in drought effected regions.

Applications for round 4 closed at 5pm, 31 May 2020 and will be assessed. Applicants will be notified of the outcome.

Since 2015, through the QFPI the Queensland Government has committed $19.74 million to assist regional communities with the construction of cluster fences and the control of invasive plants and animals. This investment has been complemented with $14 million from the Federal Government.

The QFPI provides funding to eligible organisations including:

  • National Resource Management (NRM) groups
  • incorporated industry associations
  • local government, regional organisations or an equivalent body

Eligible organisations must develop regional projects through consultation with affected stakeholders that may include:

  • primary producers
  • local government
  • regional NRM groups
  • landcare groups
  • wild dog committees
  • catchment management groups
  • local training and employment organisations
  • Indigenous groups
  • environmental organisations and other community groups

The Queensland Feral Pest Initiative Oversight Group (the Oversight Group) governs the development and implementation of the initiative. The Oversight Group includes government and non-government representatives from:

  • AgForce
  • Queensland Farmers Federation
  • Local Government Association of Queensland
  • NRM Regions Queensland
  • Queensland Conservation Council
  • Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
  • Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF)
  • Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME)
  • Department of Environment and Science (DES)

Previous Funding

Round 1

$15 million was allocated in 2015. The successful projects include:

  • Southern Downs Regional Council – Increasing Community support and participation in wild dog management activities in the Southern Downs and Goondiwindi Regional Council areas. COMPLETED
  • South West NRM – Collaborative Area Management Phase 2. COMPLETED
  • Goondiwindi Regional Council – Goondiwindi Regional Council Co-ordinated Feral Pest Project. COMPLETED
  • Maranoa Regional Council – Maranoa Regional Collaborative Area Management Plan. COMPLETED
  • Quilpie Shire Council – Quilpie Shire / SWRED wild dog on ground action plan. COMPLETED
  • RAPAD – Central Western Queensland and Flinders Region Strategic Fencing Initiative. COMPLETED
  • Desert Channels Queensland – Tackling Prickly Acacia through aligned weed management. COMPLETED
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries – Improve feral cat management in eastern Australia in partnership with universities, state government and not for profit land management agencies and other invasive species management research agencies.

Round 2

Funding of $8.84 million was allocated in 2016. The successful projects include:

  • RAPAD – Central Western Queensland and Flinders region cluster fencing. COMPLETED
  • Cape York NRM – Reducing the economic and environmental impacts of high priority weeds in the Cape York region. COMPLETED
  • Desert Channels Queensland – Northern Lake Eyre Basin Prickly Acacia Eradication Program - Stage 3. COMPLETED
  • Fitzroy Basin Association – Dawson Catchment Integrated Vertebrates Pest Control (DCIV)
  • Southern Queensland NRM (formerly Queensland Murray-Darling Committee) -  Eradicating breeding population of Rabbits in local area and Strategic Deer control in targeted areas
  • Townsville City Council – Yellow Crazy Ant program, Nome Townsville. COMPLETED
  • Goondiwindi Regional Council – Goondiwindi Regional Council Stage 2 Cluster Fence Project. COMPLETED
  • Maranoa Regional Council – Barrier Fence to the Queensland Border Collaborative Area Management Project
  • Western Downs Regional Council – Pests, Partnerships and People power in the Western Downs
  • Southern Gulf NRM – Prickly Acacia management on Lawn Hill, Punjaub and Neumayer Valley Stations to stop the spread and reduce the density. COMPLETED
  • Balonne Shire Council – Maranoa-Balonne: Targeted Monitoring, Aerial Baiting and Trapping Program for inaccessible areas
  • McKinlay Shire Council – McKinlay Mesquite Common Area Eradication Program
  • Cassowary Coast Regional Council – Kosters Curse (Clidemia hirta)
  • Southern Downs Regional Council – Strategic Cross Border Wild Dog Control & Landholder Capacity Building
  • Longreach Regional Council – Snake Cactus Control Project
  • Southern Queensland (formerly South West NRM) – Collaborative Area Management Phase 3. COMPLETED
  • Hinchinbrook Shire Council – Effective Management of Coastal Feral Pig population in the Hinchinbrook Shire. COMPLETED

Round 2.2

Funding of $1.9 million was allocated in 2016. The successful projects include:

  • RAPAD – QLD Wild Dog Control Coordinators project
  • Southern Downs Regional Council – SDRC Invasive Pests Control Scheme - a Model for Queensland Local Government
  • Barcoo Shire Council – Capacity building of Barcoo Shire landowners to meeting biosecurity obligations
  • Winton Shire Council – Capacity building of Winton Shire Council landowners to improve biosecurity obligations and responsibilities including wild dog management
  • Maranoa Regional Council – Pests Without Borders
  • Barcaldine Regional Council – Barcaldine Regional Council - Good Neighbour Programme
  • Bulloo Shire Council – Bulloo Shire Biosecurity Enhancement Project

Round 3

Funding of $7 million was allocated in 2019. The successful projects include:

  • RAPAD – Central Western Queensland Round 3 Cluster Fencing Program
  • Fitzroy Basin Association – Dawson and Isaac Catchment Integrated Pest Control (DICIPC)
  • Western Downs Regional Council – Utilising all tools in the toolbox for Wild Dogs in WDRC
  • Maranoa Regional Council – Maranoa Collaborative Area Management Project - Stage 3
  • Goondiwindi Regional Council – Goondiwindi Regional Council Stage 3 Cluster Fence Project
  • Southern Gulf NRM – Flinders River Catchment prickly acacia eradication program
  • Whitsunday Regional Council – Increasing local government capacity in feral animal control programs in the Whitsunday Region and to improve economic and environmental outcomes
  • Southern Downs Regional Council – Building a sustainable sheep and wool industry through exclusion fencing in the Southern Downs
  • Southern Queensland NRM – QFPI Round 3 - SQNRM