Efficiency and effectiveness review

The Ten-Year Eradication Plan stipulates that an efficiency and effectiveness evaluation of the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program will be carried out every 2 years, or as required by the independent, national Steering Committee.

The review, carried out by an independent external consultant, Bernard Wonder, is intended to provide feedback to the Steering Committee and the program on whether the approved 10-year plan is being implemented correctly.

The review has now been finalised, and contains 37 recommendations to enhance the existing response to eradicating fire ants in South East Queensland.

Read the review’s full terms of reference.

Read the Efficiency and Effectiveness Review (PDF, 6.8MB)

Read the Steering Committee’s statement about the review (PDF, 383.7KB)

Read the Steering Committee’s responses to the review recommendations (PDF, 220.9KB)

Read the Efficiency and Effectiveness Review progress report (PDF, 488.3KB)