February 2019—Steering Committee meeting

On Wednesday 20 February 2019, the Steering Committee for the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program—South East Queensland (the Program) participated in a workshop on the review of the Ten Year Plan. Items considered included community engagement, planned broad-scale treatment, planned targeted treatment, self-treatment, responsive treatment, remote sensing surveillance, planned targeted surveillance, movement controls, proof of freedom and preventing re-infestation.

The Steering Committee met for the quarterly meeting on Thursday, 21 February 2019.

The attendees at the Steering Committee meeting were:

Wendy CraikIndependent Chair
Josephine LaduzkoAustralian Government
John RobertsonQueensland
Scott CharltonNew South Wales (on behalf of Bruce Christie)
Michael Rosier Victoria
John van SchagenWestern Australia

During its meeting, the Steering Committee:

  • endorsed the revised strategic direction for the Ten Year Plan to incorporate the extension of the Western Boundary and the funding realignment
  • considered the National Biosecurity website would be an ideal portal to host the NRIFAEP Steering Committee webpage
  • considered the comments/feedback provided by the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) on:
    • remote sensing
    • treatment of the western boundary
    • treatment plan
    • scientific principles for movement controls
    • movement controls and industry – nurseries
    • self-treatment by landowners
    • treatment protocols
  • considered the feedback provided by the Risk Management Sub-Committee including the revised Risk Management Plan and the Risk Register
  • reviewed the Terms of Reference and agreed to the amendments.

The Steering Committee also noted:

  • the General Manager’s update in relation to the Program, including:
    • the Remote Sensing surveillance Project update
    • the 2017-18 Annual Report and Quarterly Report for 2018-19 update
    • the Brisbane Airport update
    • the Biosecurity Protocol—treatment and sampling protocols
  • the program’s financial report presenting the financial performance of the Program for the period 1 July 2018–31 December 2018
  • the implications of the Western Boundary strategy including budget issues
  • that advice from SAG on Proof of Freedom will be provided to the Steering Committee in the May 2019 meeting.

The Steering Committee will next meet in May 2019.