Second review of Fire Ant program ‘duplication of effort’

For immediate release

6 September 2019

Calls in the media today for a review of the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program (the program) are unnecessary as one is already underway, according to the program’s governing body.

Queensland’s representative on the program’s Steering Committee, Dr John Robertson said oversight of the program is undertaken by the Steering Committee on behalf of all jurisdictions in Australia.

“Part of that governance process is a two yearly Efficiency and Effectiveness Review of the program’s progress and performance.

“That review is underway now and results will be reported and made available publicly toward the end of the year,” Dr Robertson said.

“The Steering Committee also oversees the implementation of the eradication plan including detailed work plans and budgets.

“Our Risk Management Sub-Committee provides further oversight by monitoring risk and mitigation strategies.

In addition, a Scientific Advisory Group ensures the program continues to employ best practice and is underpinned by the best science. This group reviews and approves scientific principles and recommends new areas of research.

The Steering Committee receives regular progress updates and meets with the program every quarter.


Media Contact: Dr John Robertson
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