Four tropical weeds eradication program

The National Four Tropical Weeds Eradication Program (NFTWEP) targets five weed species native to tropical America that have been introduced into North Queensland.

Eradicating limnocharis as part of the National Four Tropical Weeds Eradication Program.

The program targets eradication of the following species:

Limnocharis, miconia and mikania vine are all considered serious weeds in other countries, while Miconia nervosa and Miconia racemosa have exhibited invasive characteristics in North Queensland.

The combined impacts of these weeds, if allowed to expand in tropical and sub-tropical areas of Australia, would be significant on agriculture and the environment. Evidence of the economic and environmental impacts of these weeds in other countries supports the need to maintain eradication as the main objective of the program.

The program is managed by Biosecurity Queensland, a business unit of the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Funding for the program is shared nationally with contributions from the Australian, Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australian governments.

These weeds are classified as pest plants under Queensland legislation and it is a serious offence to introduce, keep or sell these weeds without a permit issued by Biosecurity Queensland.