What the Queensland Government is doing

What the Queensland Government is doing

The Queensland Government has invested almost $42 million in the fight against Panama TR4.

The Panama TR4 Program works closely with growers and the Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC) to control and contain the disease through surveillance, compliance, communication and education.

The Panama TR4 Program and the ABGC are developing a partnership agreement to jointly fund and deliver the program until 2023.


We continue to undertake scheduled surveillance on the infested farms and farms across Far North Queensland. Learn more about our Panama TR4 surveillance and how we determine which farms get surveillance.

Surveillance remains a key priority of the Panama TR4 response because the only way to control and contain the disease is through:

  • early detection
  • rapid destruction
  • on-farm restrictions.

We are encouraging  growers to regularly check their own plants for signs of Panama TR4 to extend their farm viability by providing a:

On-farm biosecurity

We continue to visit growers to talk through individual biosecurity requirements for preparing and protecting farms against Panama TR4.

Protecting your farm against Panama TR4 also protects the whole industry.

Growers who prepare for Panama TR4 by putting in place strong biosecurity measures will be best placed to resume trading quickly if the disease is detected.

On-farm biosecurity measures have broader long-term benefits for growers and the industry beyond Panama TR4.

We work with grower so they can develop biosecurity practices and processes that work best for their farm. You can request a farm visit through the Panama TR4 Program on (07) 4091 8140 or panamatr4@daf.qld.gov.au.

We provide a grower kit with more information about on-farm biosecurity, and the on-farm biosecurity checklist to get a better understanding of how to protect your farm.

Managing Panama TR4 for the future

In 2018, an independent review of the Panama TR4 Program (Program) was undertaken by ACIL Allen Consulting to make recommendations as to a fair and realistic model for managing Panama TR4.

The review investigated elements of the Program that could be reduced or ceased, and how they should be delivered, recorded and funded.

The report found that the Program has been successful in controlling and containing Panama TR4 and in slowing the spread of the disease.

The major contributor to this success was the joint approach taken by government, industry, growers and other key stakeholders to contain the impact of the disease.

The report confirmed the importance of this approach, stating that the Program should continue, but must be based on a partnership of shared responsibility between government and industry.

A shared approach

In response to this review, a Collaborative Agreement Working Group 2019 (CAWG) has been established between the Panama TR4 Program and the Australian Banana Growers’ Council (AGBC) to jointly fund and deliver the program through to 2023.

The Panama TR4 Program and ABGC have worked together to manage this disease since the first detection in 2015, and this agreement is a natural progression towards ongoing governance and leadership for growers and the industry.

Some of the collective benefits to the industry include co-managing containment and control, overseeing the program's expenditure and priorities, and developing resilience and stability for the program and the banana industry.

The Panama TR4 Program is located in Moresby Queensland. Contact us (07) 4091 8140 or panamatr4@daf.qld.gov.au.