Information for banana farm workers and contractors on Panama TR4

Panama TR4 has changed the way banana farms in Far North Queensland operate. Many growers have implemented strict biosecurity entry and exit procedures to protect their farms and the industry from this serious disease.

If you visit a banana farm for work - like fixing a tractor, taking a soil sample, or some routine maintenance, it is important you follow the farmer’s biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of Panama TR4. Most importantly, never enter a banana farm without permission.

We have a range of resources available to help you prepare for your next farm visit:

Got a job to do on a banana farm

If you have a job to do on or around a banana farm you can:

Shed posters

Put these in your tea room or other strategic places to remind your staff not to spread Panama TR4.

Contact us for A1 size (841 mm x 594 mm) versions on 07 4091 8140 or email

Panama education sessions

Free Panama education information sessions are available. They can be held online, at your workplace or ours and can be tailored to suit your organisation. Sessions include information about the disease, your general biosecurity obligation and decontamination processes.

You can view this video about what steps you should take before working on a banana farm.

Contact us on 07 4091 8140 or email to book an information session or to find out more.

Panama TR4 protect

Panama TR4 is one of the greatest threats worldwide to banana production.

As a farm worker you are on the front-line and it’s critical that you follow your farm’s biosecurity rules. This will protect the farm, your job and prevent the spread of Panama TR4.

If you are looking for work on a farm – dial ahead, don't drop in. Never enter a banana farm without permission.

Visit the Panama TR4 protect website. for some more tips on how you can be Panama TR4 ready.

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