A-Z list of emergency plant pests and diseases

Notifiable pests
Some pests are of such concern that you are legally required to report sightings to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

Exotic pests
Exotic plant, pests and diseases are either not present in Australia, or are present but not established and are under an official containment and/or eradication program.

Emerging pests
Emerging plant, pests and diseases are present in Queensland but their presence is being monitored.

Common name Scientific nameOrganismAffects Biosecurity program * Emerging/ exotic/ notifiable
African citrus psyllid Trioza erytreae Insect All cultivars of Citrus. Murraya (native and ornamental forms of mock orange or orange jasmine) and a range of ornamentals. Surveillance Exotic
Angular Leaf Spot Xanthomonas fragaria Bacterial plant pathogen All varieties of cultivated and some wild strawberry plants Fragaria sp. Surveillance Notifiable
Asiatic citrus psyllid Diaphorina citri Insect All cultivars of Citrus. Murraya (native and ornamental forms of mock orange or orange jasmine) and Bergera koenigii (curry leaf). Also a range of ornamentals. Surveillance Exotic
Bacterial heart rot and fruit collapse

Dickeya spp.

Bacterial plant pathogen Pineapple Planthealth Exotic
Banana freckle Phyllosticta musarum and Guignardia musae Fungus

Severe infection results in yellowing of the leaf, which withers and dies.

Surveillance Exotic

Black Sigatoka

Mycosphaerella fijiensis Fungus Bananas Surveillance Exotic
Bunchy top Banana bunchy top virus Virus Bananas Surveillance Emerging, notifiable
Brown marmorated stink bug Halyomorpha halys Insect

Brown marmorated stink bugs are polyphagous, feeding on a broad range of host plants. Therefore almost any crop, fruit, vegetable and ornamental plant may be at risk.

No Exotic
Citrus canker Xanthomonas axonopodis Bacteria Citrus Surveillance Exotic, notifiable
Citrus fruit borer Citripestis sagittiferella Insect Citrus and other plants in the Rutaceae Surveillance Exotic
Citrus greening(Huanglongbing) Candidatus liberobacter spp. Bacteria Citrus Surveillance Exotic, notifiable
Citrus powderymildew Oidium tingitaninum and O. citri Fungus Citrus Surveillance Exotic
Citrus tristeza virus Citrus tristeza closterovirus (CTV): mandarin stem pitting strains Virus Citrus Surveillance Exotic
Cocoa pod borer Conopomorpha cramerella Insect of the family Gracillariidae Cocoa, rambutan and longan Plant Biosecurity and Product Integrity Emerging
Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus - Virus Rockmelon, cucumber and watermelon No Exotic
Electric ants Wasmannia auropunctata Ant Environment Eradication and control Exotic, notifiable
European house borer Hylotrupes Insect Seasoned pine timber Surveillance Exotic
Fire ants Solenopsis invicta Ant Environment Eradication and control Exotic, notifiable
Giant African snail Achatina fulica Gastropod Environment Surveillance Exotic
Grapevine leaf rust Phakopsora euvitis Fungus Grapes Surveillance Exotic, notifiable
Mal secco Phoma tracheiphila Fungus Citrus Surveillance Exotic
Mango leaf gall midge Prontarinia spp. Insect Mangoes Surveillance Emerging
Mango malformation disease Fusarium mangiferae and other Fusarium spp. Fungus Mangoes Surveillance Exotic
Mango weevil Sternochetus frigidus Insect Mangoes Surveillance Exotic, notifiable
Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata Insect Fruit and vegetables, esp. stone fruit Surveillance Exotic
Melon fly Bactrocera cucurbitae Insect Fruit and vegetables, esp. cucurbits and beans Surveillance Exotic, notifiable
Melon thrips Thrips palmi Insect Fruit and vegetables Surveillance Emerging
Myrtle rust Puccinia psidii Fungus Complete host range not known; however, it has been identified on Melaleuca, Syzygium and Eugenia sp. Surveillance Emerging
Navel orangeworm Amyelois transitella Insect Citrus, English walnuts, pistachio, almonds and grapes Surveillance Exotic
Oriental fruit fly Bactrocera papayae Insect Fruit and vegetables Surveillance Exotic, notifiable
Panama disease Fusarium oxysprorum f. sp. cubense Fungus Bananas Surveillance Exotic, notifiable
Papaya ringspot Virus type P (PRSV-P) Virus Papaya and cucurbits Control Emerging
Pierce's disease and glassy winged sharpshooter Xylella fastidiosa Bacteria Grapes Surveillance Exotic, notifiable
Plum pox (sharka) - Virus Stonefruit Surveillance Exotic, notifiable
Potato cyst nematode Globodera rostochiensis (Wall.) Skarbilovich Nematode Potato plants and other members of the solanaceous plant family Surveillance Emerging, notifiable
Red banded mango caterpillar  Deanolis sublimbalis Insect Mangoes Surveillance and control Exotic, notifiable
Silverleaf whitefly Bemisia tabaci biotype B Insect Range of ornamental and crop plants Surveillance Emerging
Southern red mite Oligonychus ilicus Insect Range Surveillance Exotic
Tomato potato psyllid Bactericera cockerelli Insect Vegetables and fruit Plant health pest and disease Emerging
Vegetable leafminer Liriomyza sativae Insect Common horticultural crops and ornamental plant species, esp. tomatoes, pumpkins and beans Surveillance Emerging
Yellow crazy ant Anoplolepis gracilipes Ant Environment Eradication and control Exotic