Myrtle rust

Current situation
  • Biosecurity Victoria has announced that from 30 June 2012 myrtle rust will be declared an endemic disease in Victoria. The Victorian Importation Order covering host material will be rescinded. This means myrtle rust host material will be able to enter Victoria without restriction from New South Wales and Queensland.
  • Queensland nurseries can now apply to be accredited to issue Plant Health Assurance Certificates for myrtle rust under the new ICA-42 Operational Procedure.  More information is available in the 'Quarantine restrictions' section.
Photo of myrtle rust on Beach Cherry (Eugenia reinwardtiana) foliage

Beach cherry (Eugenia reinwardtiana) infected by myrtle rust - bright yellow spores and purplish-red lesions are typical late-onset symptoms

Myrtle rust is a serious fungal disease that affects plants in the Myrtaceae family, such as rose apple (lilly pilly), tea tree and bottle brush. Because it is a new disease to Australia, we don't yet know its full host range. Myrtle rust cannot be eradicated and will continue to spread because it produces thousands of spores that are easily spread by wind, human activity and animals. Although we can't eradicate the disease, we can limit its spread, manage its impact and carry out research to discover its full host range and seek long-term solutions.

Total number of myrtle rust cases in Queensland: 1676

Total number of council areas with myrtle rust cases: 21

Total number of affected (host) species: 143

Myrtle rust is now widely spread in South East, Central and Far North Queensland and has been detected in the following council areas:

  • Brisbane City
  • Bundaberg Regional
  • Cairns Regional
  • Fraser Coast Regional
  • Gladstone Regional
  • Gold Coast City
  • Gympie Regional
  • Ipswich City
  • Logan City
  • Mackay Regional
  • Moreton Bay Regional
  • Redland City
  • Rockhampton Regional
  • Scenic Rim Regional
  • South Burnett Regional
  • Sunshine Coast Regional
  • Tablelands Regional
  • Toowoomba Regional
  • Townsville City
  • Western Downs Regional
  • Whitsunday Regional