Biosecurity management plan: upgrade checklist

If you have a biosecurity management plan (the plan) in place, use this checklist to include all required information to ensure the plan aligns to the regulation.

  • Ensure the plan is clearly titled ‘biosecurity management plan’ and add a section that states ‘this is a Biosecurity management plan in accordance with Section 94G(4) of the Queensland Biosecurity Regulation 2016’.
  • Include a statement that the purpose of the plan is to: ‘State the measures to prevent, control or stop the spread of biosecurity matter into, at, or from the management areas as defined in your biosecurity management plan, pursuant to the Queensland Biosecurity Regulation 2016’.
  • Clearly identify all the potential biosecurity risks to your property posed by the entry of people.
  • Include a clearly defined biosecurity management area where the plan applies (a map or diagram of the place is recommended). If you have areas of different risk on your property where special requirements apply (e.g. the piggery, a calf rearing shed, feed pens) then define these clearly. Required entry/exit points and designated tracks would also be useful.
    • Display signs on your property that clearly identify those different areas.
  • Clearly define the measures a person is required to comply with when entering, present at, or leaving any management area at the place.
  • Describe the measures as clearly as possible so there is no confusion or ambiguity as to whether and how the measure must be complied with.
  • You must make a copy of the plan available for inspection, on request, during ordinary business hours.
  • It is recommended that you ask any person entering your property to confirm they have read and understood the plan is in existence and they understand their obligations under it.
  • Consider whether it is a reasonable requirement to require visitors entering the management area to record in a register some or all of the following:
    • personal details
    • vehicle details
    • purpose of their visit
    • a declaration that they have read the plan and they understand the measures they must comply with when entering, being present at, or leaving the place.
  • Clearly display signs positioned at access points to the management area on the property. The signs need to state that a biosecurity management plan applies to the place and that it is an offence for a person entering, present at, or leaving the management area to fail to comply with the measures stated in the plan unless the person has a reasonable excuse.
  • Include a contact number and ensure you or property manager can be reached to make the plan available for inspection upon request during business hours.

If you don't have a biosecurity management plan in place, a template is available from Animal Health Australia.