Developing plans and signage templates

Developing a biosecurity management plan

Biosecurity management plans must satisfy certain requirements such as displaying signage on access points and making a copy of the plan available to visitors during business hours.

If you already have a biosecurity plan, you can amend it to become a biosecurity management plan.

  1. Find a biosecurity management plan template that suits your property and clearly list all potential biosecurity risks posed by the entry of people including steps a person should take to reasonably comply with your plan. Signage templates are available below.
  2. Ensure your plan is clearly titled ‘Biosecurity management plan’ and includes a statement –‘This is a biosecurity management plan in accordance with Section 94G(4) of the Biosecurity Regulation 2016’.
  3. Your biosecurity management plan must clearly state that the purpose of the plan is to ‘State the measures to prevent, control or stop the spread of biosecurity matter into, at, or from the management areas as defined in the biosecurity management plan, pursuant to the Queensland Biosecurity Regulation 2016’.
  4. Include a map or diagram of the areas your biosecurity management plan applies to. The map should include designated tracks, fences and production areas.
  5. Consider whether it is a reasonable requirement for visitors to record their details in a register and determine how you might do this. Farm check-in is an optional tool for property owners to help manage visitors onto the property.

Biosecurity signage at your property

Signage should be included at your property that shows you have a biosecurity management plan in place.

This signage should:

  • Identify production areas or areas with varied levels of risk.
  • Be placed at property access points to inform visitors a biosecurity management plan applies to the place. You should include a contact number on the sign so visitors can contact you to discuss entry and view your biosecurity management plan.
  • Include an email address if you are using the Farm check-in tool.

Farm biosecurity templates are available, or agricultural property owners can use a template developed by Biosecurity Queensland. For standard biosecurity management plan signs, use the gate signage template.

Farm Check-In signage options

Ensure your contact details (phone and email address) are included on signage.

For new biosecurity management plan templates (with a QR code), use the BMP QR template. Signs can be printed with your preferred sign supplier using the suggested dimensions of 900mm x 600mm.

If you have existing biosecurity management plan signage on your property, you can add additional signage to your property gate (which includes the QR code). Use the BMP Farm check-in template to attach to your property gate.