Communique 2 July 2021

The Biosecurity Queensland Ministerial Advisory Council (BQMAC) met (online) on 2 July 2021. The Honourable Mark Furner MP, Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and

Minister for Rural Communities and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Director-General, Robert Gee discussed the necessity for industry and the community to understand the importance of biosecurity to their day to day activities and thanked the committee for its work in this area.

Minister Furner and Mr Gee also noted that BQMAC members expertise is making a significant contribution through their independent monitoring of the Queensland Biosecurity Strategy 2018-2023.

After considering the latest progress with the Queensland Strategy and recent developments, both in Queensland and other jurisdictions, BQMAC agreed to support proposals for a mid-term review of the strategy. The strategy will be reviewed and refreshed through a co-designed, co-produced and co- delivered program. BQMAC members will take a leadership role in the strategy review which will be conducted through the Queensland Biosecurity Partners Forum in September 2021.

The importance of behaviour change to the delivery of the objectives of the strategy received specific consideration at the meeting.

Professor Maxine Whittaker provided an overview of behaviour science noting the adaptability of models developed for health to other sectors. Biosecurity Queensland provided a summary of the behavioural insights and priority setting work that it has undertaken and presented a draft engagement blueprint and priorities for engagement for BQMAC’s comment. BQMAC reiterated the view that behaviour change remained fundamental to good biosecurity outcomes and strongly endorsed the proposed approach.

Members indicated their interest in collaborating with projects and actions to implement the blueprint and priorities. BQMAC indicated that early areas for consideration included local government, bananas, pork and eggs.