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Phase two of the Queensland Agricultural Land Audit

The next phase (phase two) of the Audit is focussed on the following four key implementation actions:

  • communicating the results
  • influencing government-wide strategies
  • integrating Audit results
  • maintaining the Audit (currency and accuracy)

A range of projects are being undertaken which directly address these implementation actions.

Phase two projects

Web-based agricultural land information (WALI) mapping tool

Spatial datasets developed for the Audit can be viewed through a web-based mapping system which enables the public and non-GIS users to visualise Audit information and create simple maps.

Guide for local government

The Guide for local government is an online step by step guide to help local government understand, access and utilise information contained within the Audit, and to assist with statutory and non-statutory planning and industry development activities.

Information for investors (Agricultural Values Assessment)

An Agricultural Values Assessment collates agricultural information from over one hundred data sources, including the Audit, into a concise and easy to understand report with maps, which can be customised for potential investors and can assist with identification of investment opportunities and due diligence assessments.

Weather and disaster mapping

Weather and natural disaster risks have been identified spatially and temporally to inform agricultural business decisions and better manage investment risk.

Analysis of socio-economic constraints

Socio-economic factors which influence production decisions are being identified and investigated to better understand how increased production can be facilitated.

Channel irrigation schemes

A report on the implications for agricultural productivity of proposed local ownership and management arrangements has been prepared using Audit information

Audit maintenance

A maintenance framework has been developed to ensure the Audit's currency and accuracy. The first step of the maintenance framework was the release of the 2014 Annual Addendum.

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