Why we need aquaculture

As demand for seafood continues to rise and Queensland’s wild-caught fisheries reach ecological sustainable levels, any substantial growth in seafood production will need to be driven by aquaculture. Queensland is an ideal location for developing a diverse, market-driven aquaculture industry, capable of supplying a significant share of high-value seafood to these growing domestic and international markets.

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing primary industry sectors and has demonstrated the ability to:

  • produce great tasting, consistently high-quality seafood
  • meet variations in annual market demand cycles
  • reduce pressure on wild fisheries
  • reduce the need to import seafood
  • be clean, green and safe.

Developing sustainable aquaculture benefits regional communities by:

  • creating jobs
  • developing skills in marine industries and aquaculture
  • creating additional income sources for marine service industries, such as engineering and maintenance
  • increasing the economic resilience of regional communities through diversification and development of supporting industries, such as pearl jewellery manufacturing and retail trade
  • supporting tourism through locally grown fresh seafood and farm visits.

Marine aquaculture suffers fewer drought-related impacts than many primary industries and enhances the seafood sector.

Start an aquaculture business

With ideal growing conditions for a number of species, sustainable practices and freedom from many of the serious diseases that affect aquaculture in other countries, Queensland is an ideal location for developing your aquaculture business.

Invest in Queensland aquaculture

Given our excellent reputation in the international marketplace for high-quality seafood and the increasing demand for seafood, Queensland provides many opportunities for aquaculture investment.