Charter Fishing Growth Opportunities

As part of our Charter Fishing Action Plan (the Plan), Fisheries Queensland is funding a research project to identify and describe business growth opportunities for the charter fishing industry.

The research will help the charter fishing industry understand the:

  • needs and wants of the market (current, previous and potential clients)
  • performance of the sector at meeting these needs and highlighting gaps
  • capacity and willingness of the sector to meet these needs, especially where there are gaps.

Growing the charter sector will help businesses and promote regional jobs and our economy.

Identifying charter industry growth opportunities builds on the plan and will help the charter sector identify ways to grow the sector.

Who is conducting the research?

Fisheries Queensland has engaged economic research company BDO EconSearch to complete the research. It will work with a project team that includes representatives from the charter fishing sector. BDO EconSearch has recently completed a similar project for the South Australian charter fishing sector as part of a Fisheries Research and Development (FRDC) project.

Further information

Phone 13 25 23 or email: or