Charter Fishing Action Plan

The Charter Fishing Action Plan (the Plan) recognises charter fishing as a distinct fishing activity with social and economic benefit for Queensland. The Plan aims to grow tourism and jobs through a world-class charter fishing industry. The Plan is the outcome of a significant consultation exercise in 2017, during which the overwhelming message was that all stakeholders welcomed the strategic direction for developing the charter fishing sector. Results of consultation are available in the Consultation Feedback and Results.

A number of the reforms under the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017-2027 will deliver benefits to charter operations across Queensland. The reforms will ensure healthy fish stocks that underpin a world class charter sector. The Charter Fishing Action Plan outlines a number of other actions the Government will take to help improve the charter industry. It complements the Strategy and provides support for charter fishing businesses and regional economic development through tourism and jobs.

The Plan aims to promote long-term development and certainty of the sector. The Plan sets out clear targets to be achieves by 2021. A total of 11 actions have been identified across four themes:

  • recognition of the sector;
  • improved engagement and consultation;
  • enhancing industry standards and streamlining requirements;
  • developing the regional tourism potential.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries will partner with industry and other state government agencies to deliver on the actions.

Where we want to be in 2021

  • An increase in the number of charter operators in Queensland
  • Increased engagement of charter operators in fisheries management
  • Improved satisfaction of charter fishing clients
  • Better data on charter catch and effort
  • Reduction in the number of permits or approvals required to operate as a charter business
  • Improved certainty for charter operators.

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