Qld eFisher app

Download the free Qld eFisher app via the App Store or Google Play.

To use the app, a commercial fisher licence (CFL) holder needs to be associated with a primary commercial fishing licence (PCFL) as a commercial fisher in control (CFIC) in FishNet Secure. This association links licence details (including fishery symbols) to the app so information can be collected and reported against those details by the nominated commercial fisher.

Before you use the app:

The Qld eFisher app has been developed for commercial fishers to simplify reporting and logbook requirements, and provide more accurate and timely data on catch and effort.

Qld eFisher allows you to report and submit notices and catch on the spot. It also makes it easier to access your records – including licensing information, reporting, quota balances and vessel tracking unit information.

Eligible fisheries

At this stage the app is only for use in the following fisheries:

  • aquarium
  • crab
  • coral
  • east coast net (except K fishery for the 2023 season)
  • east coast line (except L8 multiple hook operations)
  • tropical rock lobster
  • trawl.

PLEASE NOTE: Fishing operations that tranship their fish can’t use the app.



  • Submit pre-trip and quota and reporting notices (including prior or emergency notices, amending notices, weight notices and retained fish notices)
  • Record catch and effort, and submit your logbooks
  • Record interactions with threatened, endangered and protected animals
  • Create and send catch disposal records
  • Check the status of vessel tracking devices, and manually report the primary vessel location in the event of a unit failure
  • View authorities and quota balances
  • Save your preferences (e.g. GPS coordinates format and regular disposal methods)
  • Receive Fisheries Queensland notifications (including reminders about upcoming fishery closures and alerts about competitive fishery closures)

User guides

Have your say

We worked with commercial fishers throughout the development process to make sure the app is easy to use.

However, every fishery and every operation is different. We want to make sure Qld eFisher works for your business –please provide feedback so we can fine-tune the functionality.

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