Qld eFisher app: privacy statement

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (the department) has developed an application (app) – Qld eFisher – to engage with you and to provide information about commercial fishing in Queensland. The app requires your personal information to function; however, use of the app and its features is voluntary and you can enable or disable some of the functions.

The app allows you to:

  • login with your Fishnet secure (for commercial fisher licence authority holders)
  • view the licence number, boat mark, vessel tracking unit/s status and relative quota balances associated with the authority (for an active linked primary commercial fishing licence)
  • submit prior notices, emergency notices, amending notices, relevant logbooks, weight notices, retained fish notices (if permitted), catch disposal records and submit days not commercially fished outside of fishing operations
  • manually report your primary vessel’s GPS location to Fisheries Queensland in the event of a vessel tracking unit failure (this feature uses location maps and spatial data)
  • email catch disposal records to recipients of fish to first point of sale (e.g. wholesale buyers, storage, consignment)
  • receive Fisheries Queensland notifications, including reminders about upcoming fishery closures and alerts about competitive fishery closures.

You can use the app when you are in a remote location or have limited mobile signal reception. The app uses cached information and simplified mapping information as part of its offline functionality. However, you will need to ensure you start and end your commercial fishing trips in areas with data connectivity.

Please note that if activated (optional), as part of collecting your personal information to enable the above functions (for the period the function is activated) the app will need to access:

  • your GPS location, where GPS is used for vessel tracking manual reporting (optional)
  • your email address in order to email a catch disposal record to recipients of fish to first point of sale (e.g. wholesale buyers, fish not sold/stored, consignment).

Data is collected as per the regulatory requirement under section 80 of the Fisheries Act 1994 for vessel tracking and under section 118 of the Fisheries Act 1994 for information requirements respectively.

All personal information collected by the app is stored in Amazon’s AWS DC in Sydney, while some fisheries guides and help articles (not containing personal information) are stored on a server overseas. By default, all the content is encrypted during delivery.

As the internet can never be completely risk-free, you are advised to not upload any personal information into free text fields that you do not wish to be made public. You are also advised not to upload the personal information of any other person without their consent.

In the event that you provide information via the app that relates to a matter that is not the responsibility of Fisheries Queensland, the department will seek your consent to pass on this information, along with your contact details, to the relevant agency so that they may respond directly to you.

As part of the app functionality, from time to time we may ask you to complete a survey of your satisfaction with the app. Involvement will be voluntary.

The department will only use and disclose your personal information to manage and improve the app and its functions, or to respond to enquiries or complaints you lodge, unless we are authorised or required by law to otherwise use or disclose. Read the department’s privacy policy.

For all enquiries about the app or fisheries matters, including complaints, call 13 25 23.