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Fisheries policies

Policies are reviewed regularly to ensure they are up to date and relevant.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) develops fisheries policies using The Australian Policy Cycle. This cycle includes the following steps:

  1. issue identification
  2. policy analysis
  3. policy instrument
  4. consultation
  5. coordination
  6. decision
  7. implementation
  8. evaluation

DAF consults with stakeholders throughout the policy process through public meetings, workshops, surveys, displays and discussion papers. The department also provides timely information through management advisory committees.


The policy development process arises through identifying a particular fisheries issue or problem. Policy is made possible by the contribution and interaction of political, policy, technical and administrative domains.  Fisheries policy development depends on a transparent and thorough process

Policy areas

Policy review

Fisheries Queensland's polices are regularly reviewed to reflect the dynamic management of Queensland's fisheries resources.

Further information

Last updated 20 June 2016