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Charter fishing action plan 2017–2020

Consultation on the Charter Fishing Action Plan closed on 4 August 2017.

Feedback is currently being considered and will help set the future direction for charter fishing in Queensland.

The action plan will help recognise charter fishing as a distinct fishing activity that provides economic benefit for Queensland.

The discussion paper included proposed goals and actions to help support and grow a world class charter fishery in Queensland.

Seven main topics were presented for feedback in the discussion paper:

  • A voice for the charter fishing industry
  • Access to the charter fishery (including licensing and compliance)
  • Maritime safety and infrastructure
  • Declining resources and increasing fishing pressure
  • Promotion of charter fishing
  • Fishery enhancements
  • Red tape reduction.

Responses will be considered and will assist in the development of a final Charter Action Plan.

Last updated 04 August 2017