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Sustainable Fisheries Expert Panel

A key action of the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy is to improve stakeholder engagement and support evidence-based fisheries management through a sustainable fisheries expert panel.

The Sustainable Fisheries Expert Panel was established and members appointed by the Government in July 2017.

What is the Sustainable Fisheries Expert Panel?

The purpose of the Sustainable Fisheries Expert Panel is to provide independent expert advice to the Minister responsible for fisheries and Fisheries Queensland on best practice fisheries management and implementation of the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy.

See the terms of reference for more information.

The expert panel is advisory only. It is not a decision-making body.

How does the expert panel relate to the fishery working groups?

The expert panel will review key outputs from the working groups, such as harvest strategies.

Membership of expert panel

Prof. Suzanne Miller, Queensland Chief Scientist Independent Chair
Dr Cathy Dichmont Stock assesment expertise
Assoc. Prof. Ian Tibbetts Fish biology expertise
Mr Ian Cartwright Fisheries management / resource allocation expertise
Assoc. Prof. Daryl McPhee Fisheries management / resource allocation expertise
Dr Michelle Heupel Threatened species expertise
Dr Nadine Marshall Environmental social science
Dr Sean Pascoe Economics and social science

With the exception of the chair, all candidates are independent of the Queensland Government. This is important to ensure the independent nature of the advice provided to government to underpin sustainable fisheries management decisions.

Read the expert panel biographies for further details on background and expertise.

Is the expert panel's advice made public?

A communique will be released on the Fisheries Queensland website after each expert panel meeting so all stakeholders can see what advice has been provided.

Communiques will be published on this webpage. The first meeting is scheduled for late August 2017.

More information 

For further information read the expert panel FAQ.

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