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Marine plants including mangroves

Marine plants are part of the mosaic of fish habitats, and are an integral and usually highly visible feature of the coastline. Queensland has a very high diversity of marine plant species, including mangrove forests (up to 39 species in the north of the state), saltmarsh vegetation, seagrass meadows and algal communities. Effective management and protection of all marine plants is importantant in ensuring sustainable fish habitats and fisheries production.

  • Common mangroves

    Learn how to identify six common mangrove species found in Queensland.

  • Protection and management

    All marine plants are protected and play a vital role in benefiting the environment & sustaining fish stocks.

  • Saltmarsh, seagrass and algae

    These marine plants provide shelter, food and assist in holding the soil together against natural forces.

  • Dead marine wood

    Dead marine wood is included in the State’s protection of marine plants.

Last updated 26 May 2014