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Common mangroves

There are 39 species of mangroves in Queensland. Six of the more common mangroves are described here to help you recognise these marine plants.

  • Photograph of yellow mangrove tree Yellow mangrove

    Yellow mangrove is found on firm, peaty, well drained mud or sand clays and is located across northern Australia.

  • Photograph of milky mangrove Milky mangrove

    Recognising common mangroves - milky mangrove

  • Photograph of a grey mangrove Grey mangrove

    Recognising common mangroves - grey mangrove

  • Photograph of a red mangrove Red mangrove

    Recognising common mangroves - red mangrove

  • Photograph of an orange mangrove Orange mangrove

    Orange mangrove is located across northern Australia and is often found in firm, well drained, muddy soil.

  • Photograph of river mangroves along a river bank River mangrove

    The river mangrove is a common species in southern Queensland and grows on poorly drained mud.


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