Fisheries monitoring and compliance

The future of profitable commercial and enjoyable recreational fisheries relies on our natural resources being used in a sustainable way. This requires keeping a close eye on fish stocks and the performance of management arrangements for each fishery. By routinely collecting information from commercial and recreational fisheries using a range of monitoring programs, and assessing that information, we can make objective decisions to ensure the future of our resources.

  • Fisheries compliance

    Information about how fisheries legislation is monitored and enforced

  • Monitoring interactive map

    Visual representation of the agency’s monitoring program

  • Fisheries monitoring and reporting

    Fisheries Queensland monitors recreational fishing and fish species using several programs to ensure a sustainable future for our fishery resources

  • Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol

    Information on the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol, including contact details

  • QFish

    QFish provides information on Queensland fisheries resources and spatial datasets using interactive tools

  • FishNet

    FishNet allows the public to view the Register of fishing authorities

  • Fisheries data

    Fisheries Queensland uses biological, economic and social information to ensure that our natural resources are being used in a sustainable way

  • Illegal fishing activities

    Report illegal fishing activities

  • Fisheries contacts

    Contacts for boating, poisoning, fish kill incidents, reporting issues, mangrove or marine plant disturbances, fishing marine parks, and industry contacts

  • Fishing industry contacts

    Contacts for commercial and recreational fisheries, seafood industry, aquaculture, fishing tackle, conservation, game and charter fishing

  • Planning Infringement Notice

    Pay your planning infringement notice

  • Fisheries Infringement Notice

    Pay your fisheries infringement notice