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Statewide Recreational Fishing Surveys

Recreational fishing is an integral part of Queensland lifestyle and provides many benefits. The 2013/14 Statewide and Regional Recreational Fishing Survey provides current and accurate information on recreational fishing in Queensland. This information is used to safeguard marine resources for today and tomorrow.

Building on the 2010 Statewide Recreational Fishing Survey the current survey is larger and collects more regionally focused information on recreational fishing participation rates, where and how people fish, what they catch and the type of fishing experiences they want.

About the program

2013/14 Statewide and Regional Recreational Fishing Survey

The survey started in August 2013 and called more than 15,000 randomly selected households across Queensland. Those contacted were asked if they fished recreationally in the previous 12 months and if they intended to in the next 12 months.

Households that intended to fish were invited to take part in a 12 month telephone-diary survey which started in November 2013 and finished in October 2014. Those recreational fishing households participated very positively with more than 90% of them volunteering to complete the 12 month survey.

This survey provides:

  • Statewide and regional information on where recreational fishers live and their demographics such as age group, gender, fishing club membership and boat ownership. 16 residential regions are represented across the state.
  • Statewide and regional information on where Queenslanders fish, how they fish and what they catch.
  • Recreational fishing information that is comparable to previous surveys and will be used in the sustainable management of Queensland's fisheries.
  • Information on fishers' attitudes and awareness of recreational fishing opportunities and management arrangements.

Key findings

  • Approximately 15% of Queenslanders 5 years or older were recreational fishers
  • This represents approximately 642,000 Queenslanders
  • Recreational fishing continues to be a very popular outdoor recreational activity, particularly in the north of Queensland
  • More details from the key findings

Last updated 02 September 2016