Keen angler program

Donate fish frames for monitoring

The main aim of the Keen Angler Program is to source fish samples (frames) from recreational fishers. The biological information collected from these samples and other information collected from recreational and commercial fishers is used to assess the health of fish stocks. These assessments help evaluate  the effectiveness of fisheries management arrangements.

The Keen Angler Program relies on the voluntary participation of recreational anglers who are keen to assist Fisheries Queensland monitor the status of fish stocks. Volunteers do not need to be experienced or to fish regularly - they just need to be prepared to participate by putting their frames in  a labelled bag (provided by us in a sampling kit), storing these for a short time and delivering it to a Drop Off Location or contacting us to organise collection.

Fish frames are collected from volunteers and processed in the laboratory. The frames are measured, their sex is determined by examining the gonads, and their otoliths (ear bones) are removed. Otoliths are used to estimate the age of fish.


The Keen Anger Program collects samples in Queensland coastal waters from Rockhampton south.

Rocky reef species

Coral reef species

  • Red emperor
  • Largemouth nannygai
  • Smallmouth nannygai
  • Spangled emperor
  • Stripey snapper

Inshore fin fish species

Other species

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