Queensland recreational fishing grants

The Queensland Recreational Fishing Grants Program supports activities and projects that enhance the recreational fishing experience in Queensland.

Queenslanders are keen anglers. Fishing is an integral part of the Queensland lifestyle and is also important for tourism—attracting anglers from around Australia and the world.

The Queensland Government provides up to $100,000 of grant funding, through an expression of interest process, to support activities and projects that enhance recreational fishing in Queensland.

The Guideline for Queensland's Recreational Fishing Grant Program outlines how the annual program operates and how funding is allocated.

Who is eligible to apply

  • Community not-for-profit organisations
  • Angling clubs/associations
  • Schools
  • Councils
  • Universities
  • Statutory bodies/government agencies
  • Incorporated bodies/associations in Queensland

Types of projects funded

To be successful, a project or activity must provide a benefit to recreational fishing in Queensland. Applications must demonstrate that it meets at least one of the following criteria.

CriterionProject examples
Recreational fishing educationFishing workshops/clinics, schools education, come and try days, fishing education programs
Fish habitat improvement and protectionRemove barriers to fish migration, replanting & protecting river bank vegetation, restoring water flows, fish aggregating devices etc.
Compliments Fisheries Queensland’s monitoring and research program for fish and recreational fishingProvides linkages, value adds or fills information gaps to the priorities listed in the Monitoring and research plan. Possible projects include; fishing social or economic surveys, biology or ecology of popular recreational species, citizen science projects, fish tagging.

The Queensland Government is seeking applications that address at least one of these current recreational fishing priorities:

  • contributes to the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy target to ‘increase satisfaction of recreational fishers (compared to 2017 figures) by 2020’
  • supports the recreational fishing strategies developed by the relevant local government to promote recreational fishing opportunities in the Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton net-free zones.

How to apply

Please note, receipt of applications will only be acknowledged on request. Please only include attachments that are essential for your application.