Sale of fish and other prohibitions

Sale of fish

The taking of fish for trade or commerce including sale, other than by licensed fishers, is prohibited in Queensland.

Miscellaneous prohibitions

The following activities are illegal throughout Queensland:

  • jagging or foul hooking fish
  • using explosives, poisons or electrical devices to take fish (divers may use a powerhead on a spear gun only in defence against sharks)
  • interfering with authorised aquaculture activities
  • obstructing lawful netting operations, damaging or interfering with fishing apparatus, or removing fish from apparatus without lawful authority
  • possessing or carrying prohibited apparatus in closed waters unless the apparatus is dismantled, stowed and secured
  • removing, damaging or interfering with markers or signs erected under the authority of fisheries legislation
  • using underwater breathing apparatus (other than a snorkel) to take fish without a lawful authority to do so
  • taking oysters from any oyster ground; however, a person may consume oysters on the spot where taken in any public oyster reserve or on unlicensed oyster grounds
  • interfering with marine life in a Fish Habitat Area - line fishing is allowed in certain areas of marine parks, and there is no specific prohibition on fishing in a Fish Habitat Area. The collecting of yabbies (with a hand pump only), or worms captured by hand, is also allowed in Fish Habitat Areas.