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Closed seasons in fresh waters

This page provides information on closed seasons in fresh waters. Information on closed seasons in tidal waters is also available.

Why do we have closed seasons?

Closed seasons prevent people from fishing at certain times of the year to protect species at vulnerable times in their life cycle, such as during spawning seasons.

Australian bass

The closed season for Australian bass from 1 June to 31 August now applies to Queensland tidal waters only.


Throughout the Queensland east coast a closed season applies to barramundi from midday 1 November to midday 1 February, except in and from waterways upstream of:

  • Aplins Weir (also includes Black Weir and Gleeson Weir)
  • Awoonga
  • Ben Anderson Barrage (also includes Paradise Dam, Claude Wharton Weir, Jones Weir and Wuruma Dam)
  • Burdekin Falls
  • Callide
  • Eungella
  • Fairbairn
  • Fred Haigh (Lake Monduran)
  • Kinchant
  • Koombooloomba
  • Lenthalls
  • Peter Faust
  • Teemburra
  • Tinaroo
  • Wuruma Dams
  • Lake Fred Tritton
  • Lake Gregory (Isis Balancing Storage)
  • Lake Morris (Copperlode Falls Dam)
  • East Leichhardt Dam and Belmore
  • Corella
  • Julius and Moondarra Lakes.

The Gulf of Carpentaria closed season for barramundi is from midday 7 October to midday 1 February (possession on boats allowed to midday 17 October).

These closures do not apply in East Leichhardt Dam and Belmore, Corella, Julius, Fred Tritton and Moondarra lakes, and to waterways upstream of these impoundments.

A take and possession limit of one barramundi applies during the closed season in all of the 18 lakes and dams mentioned above. The barramundi may be greater than 120 cm. Recreational fishers may continue to fish in the 18 dams and lakes once they have reached their limit of one barramundi.

Outside of the closed season, in the 18 dams and lakes mentioned above, a take and possession limit of five applies to barramundi that may include one barramundi greater than 120 cm.

It is also prohibited to deliberately target barramundi for catch and release during these closed seasons, as the stress of capture may prevent fish from spawning.

Mary River cod

A closed season applies to Mary River cod from 1 September to 30 November each year in all non-tidal waters including stocked impoundments.

Murray cod

A closed season applies to Murray cod from 1 September to 30 November each year in all Queensland waters contained in the Murray Darling Drainage Division. An exception to this closed season applies to Beardmore Dam, Beehive Dam, Connolly Dam, Cooby Dam, Coolmunda Dam, Glenlyon Dam,  Leslie Dam and Storm King Dam where these fish are stocked.

Further information

Last updated 31 October 2016