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Refining Jungle perch production for restocking activities


jungle perch

3.1 kg jungle perch broodstock

Jungle perch Kuhlia rupestris are a popular angling species, but they have declined and become locally extinct in many rivers between Mackay and the Gold Coast. In many of the rivers, the main cause of their disappearance has been addressed. There is now an opportunity to reintroduce jungle perch through restocking.

Jungle perch are a difficult species to rear in the early larval stages. Early larval rearing needs to be solved to help recover this fishery.

View footage of jungle perch and eggs in spawning tank.



Start date: June 2012

Project leader

Michael Hutchison


Peter Lee (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)

Project team

Paul Palmer, Andrew Norris, Keith Chilcott, David Nixon, Joe Wang, Trevor Borchert, Luke Dutney (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries), Guy Carton, David Shorten (James Cook University), and Les Kowitz (Freshwater Fishing and Stocking Association of Queensland).


Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC project number: 2012/213)

  1. Development of hatchery production techniques for jungle perch fingerlings
  2. Successful release of jungle perch fingerlings into suitable south-eastern Queensland and Mackay-Whitsunday regional waterways
  3. Communicate with anglers on the restoration of jungle perch fisheries
  4. Understand environmental factors influencing post-release survival of jungle perch in rivers
  5. Develop a jungle perch production manual for fish hatcheries.


Last updated 23 April 2015