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Fisheries Queensland on social media

Due to the changing nature of communication on the internet, the Department is now using web-based group messaging services and social networking sites.

We will use these new communication media to keep you more informed about what's happening in Queensland's fisheries.

Why are we using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube?

  • We can inform you of what is happening within Queensland's fisheries.
  • Our Twitter channel and Facebook page can supplement the information we publish on our website.
  • We can remind you of important events and alert you to breaking news.
  • We can link to interesting and useful information about the different fisheries we manage, as well as what is happening in other states and internationally.
  • We can better communicate with people using mobile devices.

Of course, our use of these media will be influenced by your participation with them.

Will we respond to your posts, comments, replies or direct messages?

Yes, but there may be a delay, especially for posts out of office hours. As using the internet this way is new to us, we will try to respond as soon as possible to questions, but our use of Twitter and Facebook is primarily to inform you.

You should contact Fisheries Queensland by phone, email or in writing if you have:

  • formal request, comment or enquiry
  • complaint against staff or services
  • response to an item for public consultation.

Direct messages from Twitter or through Facebook are not considered correspondence at this time.

Can you ask us to stop following you?

Yes. If @fisheriesQLD is following you through Twitter and you would prefer we didn't, please let us know and we'll stop. Alternatively, feel free to block us. If you want to keep your Twitter channel private, you can protect your updates. For further assistance, go to the Twitter help centre.

If you no longer wish to be part of the Fisheries Queensland network on Facebook, visit the Fisheries Queensland Facebook page and scroll down to the very bottom of the left-hand column. Here you'll find an 'Unlike' link. For further assistance, go to the Facebook help centre.

Please be aware that Twitter and Facebook are public spaces on the internet, and that all interaction is publicly viewable and searchable over time.

Other useful information:

Last updated 03 May 2013