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Swimmer safety

Queensland's beaches are great places to swim and surf. However, it is important to be aware that sharks inhabit our coastline, as well as estuaries, rivers, creeks, canals and streams - both saltwater and freshwater.

Follow these safety tips to minimise the chance of shark attack:

  • Swim or surf only at patrolled beaches - between the flags and where shark safety equipment is in place
  • Obey lifesavers' and lifeguards' advice, and heed all sign and safety warnings
  • Leave the water immediately if a shark is sighted
  • Do not swim or surf after dusk, at night, or before dawn when sharks become more active
  • Do not swim or surf in murky or silt-laden waters
  • Do not swim in, or at the mouth of, rivers, estuaries, artificial canals and lakes
  • Never swim alone
  • Never swim when bleeding
  • Do not swim near schools of fish or where fish are being cleaned
  • Do not swim near, or interfere with, shark control equipment
  • Do not swim with animals.

The Safety at the beach (PDF, 1021.1KB) brochure includes information on how the Shark Control Program works, who is involved, how other marine life is protected and rules for safe swimming.

Last updated 09 January 2015