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River blackfish

The river blackfish is a protected species. The catching or possession of these fish is totally prohibited. If caught river blackfish should be released unharmed.

Scientific name

Gadopsis marmoratus

Other names

Slipperys, slimies, Nicky´s, Nicky long-cod

  • Slender elongate body, with a rounded snout and a rounded caudal fin (tail)
  • Colouration varies from uniform grey to paler brown with irregular darker bands, blotches or mottling on sides
  • Distinguished from the two spine blackfish by having more than two dorsal spines.
  • Found in restricted distribution in some parts of the Murray-Darling basin
  • Prefers clear, gently flowing streams with abundant log snags
  • Very prone to overfishing, due to it´s limited distribution and low fecundity, hence it´s protected status.
  • Commonly caught at 30cm
  • Grows to a maximum of about 60cm
Size and possession limits
  • size limit - nil
  • possession limit - nil


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Further information

Last updated 28 January 2016