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Australian bass

A closed season applies to Australian bass throughout Queensland. See closed seasons for details.

  • image of australian bass-Fish identification
    Australian Bass (Macquaria novemaculeata)
Scientific name

Macquaria novemaculeata

Other names


Frequent misidentifications

silver perch, estuary perch

  • Freshwater environment, occasionally enters estuaries during spawning season in winter or peak flood periods
  • found in South East Queensland, north to the Burnett River system
  • also stocked in many impoundments.
  • common length - 40cm
  • maximum length - 65cm
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size - 30cm
  • possession limit - 2
Features that distinguish Australian bass from silver perch
  • mouth - relatively large compared to silver perch
  • dorsal and anal fins - deeply notched
  • body - deeply compressed