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  • Mulloway (Argyrosomus japonicus)
    Mulloway (Argyrosomus japonicus)
Scientific name

Argyrosomus japonicus

Other names
  • jewfish
  • kingfish
  • soapies
  • school jew.
Frequent misidentifications
  • silvery blue or grey back
  • whitish flanks and belly
  • lateral line a series of pearly spots
  • fins are grey or brown
  • pectoral fin has a black spot at base
  • edges of jaws and inside of gill cover are dirty yellow.
  • lower reaches of rivers, estuaries, rocky reefs, ocean beaches
  • continental shelves, to a depth of 150 m
  • Bundaberg and further south.
  • 100 cm common length and 200 cm maximum standard length.
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size: 75cm
  • possession limit: 2
How to distinguish from teraglin
  • back is silvery blue or grey
  • flanks and belly are whitish
  • the lateral line consists of a series of pearly spots
  • the caudal fin is S-shaped or almost truncate.
How to distinguish from black jewfish
  • black spot at base of pectoral fin.

Further information

Last updated 14 November 2012