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  • Samson fish (Seriola hippos)
    Samson fish (Seriola hippos)
Scientific name

Seriola hippos

Other names
  • sambo
Frequent misidentifications
  • other Seriola species
  • silvery to bluish-green back (fresh adults generally)
  • amber stripe from eye along middle of body may be present
  • sides and belly silvery white; on death changes to brownish, paler underneath
  • dorsal fins dusky to dark (spinous and second)
  • anal and caudal fins generally dark
  • teeth appear red (not as prominent in dead specimens); papillae surrounding broad bands of teeth in both jaws often engorged with blood
  • around rocky reefs or wrecks to a depth of 70 m
  • mainly southern Queensland waters
  • 100 cm common length, 173 cm maximum total length (at a maximum weight of approximately 53 kg)
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size: 50 cm
  • combined possession limit: 2 (amberjack and samsonfish)
  • this species, along with amberjack, giant queenfish, highfin amberjack, swallow-tailed dart and yellowtail kingfish are excluded from the combined possession limit of 20 which generally applies to members of the Carangidae family (including but not limited to trevallies, queenfishes, scads, darts and kingfishes)
How to distinguish from other Seriola species
  • back, sides have dark blotches
  • upper profile of head convex, lower profile straight
  • dorsal fin has 22 to 25 soft rays
  • teeth appear red; papillae surrounding broad bands of teeth in both jaws often engorged with blood

Further information

Last updated 21 January 2011