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Yellowtail kingfish

  • Yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi)
    Yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi)
Scientific name

Seriola lalandi

Other names
  • kingfish
  • king amberjack
  • hoodlum
  • rat king
Frequent misidentifications
  • other Seriola species
  • usually blue to olive back
  • narrow bronze stripe (darker on head and becoming yellow posteriorly) from snout through eye and along middle of body
  • silver to white belly, sometimes with a rosy tinge
  • dusky spinous dorsal fin
  • second dorsal fin and anal fin are dusky olive near the body, bright yellow towards the tip
  • olive-yellow caudal fin
  • yellowish pectoral and pelvic fins
  • large offshore shoals at depths of 50 m
  • occasionally in surf zones
  • all Queensland waters (most commonly caught in southern Queensland)
  • common length: 60 cm
  • maximum total length (at a maximum weight of approximately 53 kg): 173 cm
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size: 60 cm
  • possession limit: 2
  • this species, along with amberjack, giant queenfish, highfin amberjack, samsonfish and swallow-tailed dart are excluded from the combined possession limit of 20 which generally applies to members of the Carangidae family (including but not limited to trevallies, queenfishes, scads, darts and kingfishes)
How to distinguish from other Seriola species
  • generally more elongated than other Seriloa species
  • narrow bronze stripe from snout through eye and along middle of body (darker on head and becoming yellow towards the rear)
  • caudal fin is olive-yellow

Further information

Last updated 04 April 2017