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Tropical rock lobster

A closed season applies to tropical rock lobster. See crabs and lobsters for details.

  • Tropical rock lobster (Family: Panulirus)
    Tropical rock lobster (Family: Panulirus)
  • Tropical rock lobster
    Tropical rock lobster
Scientific name

Family: Panulirus

Other names
  • tropical spiny rock lobster
  • coral crayfish
  • body colour varies, but is often brightly patterned (especially on legs)
  • antennae are extremely long and the flagella on the long antennules between the antennae are also long and forked.

Found along the Queensland coastline and out to the Great Barrier Reef.


Usually found in shallow water (less than 20m) on rock and coral reefs, although they can be found in over 100m.

Size and possession limits
  • Painted crayfish (Panulirus ornatus): 11.5 cm tail minimum, 9 cm carapace minimum.
  • Other tropical rock lobster species: no size limit.
  • Possession limit: north of latitude 14º S and in Gulf waters - combined limit of 3 per person/6 per boat in total of all species. South of latitude 14° S - combined limit of 5 per person/10 per boat in total of all species.
  • Fishers must not possess live tropical rock lobsters.
  • Fishers must not possess egg bearing tropical rock lobsters.

Further information

Last updated 17 April 2013