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Blue-lined rockcod

  • Photo of Blue-lined rockcod
    Adult blue-lined rockcod (Photo: JE Randall)
Scientific name

Cephalopholis formosa

  • thin, blue horizontal lines cover fish from the eyes to the tip of the tail and over the fins
  • large, dark spot is visible on the upper edge of the gill cover
Family name

Serranidae (cods and gropers)

Family description
  • bottom-dwelling (demersal) predators
  • highly regarded food fish
  • most have small scales
  • hard to see lateral lines and usually rounded to emarginate tail fins
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size: 38 cm
  • combined possession limit of 5 for all cods and gropers
  • in addition to individual limits, there is a total possession limit of 20 for all coral reef fin fish

Further information