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Lined surgeonfish

Photo of a lined surgeonfish
Adult lined surgeonfish
(Photo: JE Randall)
Scientific name

Acanthurus lineatus

  • vivid black-edged white stripes on a yellow upper body that abruptly stop three-quarters of the way down the sides to a plain pale belly
  • a single venomous spine on each side of the tail base
Family name

Acanthuridae (surgeonfishes)

Family description
  • this family includes surgeonfishes, unicornfishes and sawtails
  • they are unique in having spines on the base of their tails which are used for defence
  • a few are venomous and all can inflict painful wounds
  • fish in this family have compressed (flattened) bodies, small mouths and very small close-set scales
  • surgeonfishes include all species of the genera Acanthurus and Ctenochaetus
  • unicornfish are a subset of this family and include all species of the genera Naso and Prionurus
  • representative species of each genus have been illustrated in this guide but there are more species you may catch. Please check current rules and regulations for specific size and in-possession limits
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size 25 cm
  • possession limit of 5 per surgeonfish species
  • in addition, total possession limit of 20 for all Coral Reef Fin Fish

Further information

Last updated 25 November 2011