Expressions of interest for fishery working groups (FAQ)

Will I get paid?

Membership on the working groups is on a voluntary basis. No sitting fees will be paid.

Members will be reimbursed for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses including domestic travel, accommodation costs, motor vehicle allowances and meals.

Will I have to pay to attend meetings?


How much work is involved?

Participation in working groups is a big commitment. Working groups established to provide advice on the development of a harvest strategy will be intensive and require a number of meetings every 4 to 8 weeks and out-of-session work.  Some meeting may be held using teleconference facilities.

How much of a say will the working groups have in fisheries management decisions?

Working groups are non-statutory advisory bodies. They are not decision-making bodies.

If I miss out, how will I keep up-to-date and have a say?

Being a member of a working group is not the only way to get involved.

Fisheries Queensland will be engaging all stakeholders more broadly. One of the actions in the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy is to utilise more novel engagement techniques (including online surveys) to gather a range of feedback on particular fishery issues.  Fisheries Queensland will also be holding regular regional face to face meetings in regional and port areas and releasing discussion papers on options to better manage our fisheries.

How many people on each working group and what do they represent?

Appointments to each working group membership will be limited.. The composition of each working group will be dependent upon the fishery in question.  Generally, members will be sought from the following groups, as relevant:

  • Recreational fishers
  • Commercial fishers
  • Charter fishing licence holders
  • Indigenous fishers
  • The fishing tackle industry
  • Research/scientific advisors
  • Commercial fishing organisations or groups
  • Recreational fishing clubs or organisations
  • Seafood marketers and processors
  • Conservation groups

Can I be on more than one?

You can nominate for any of the working groups, however you will only be appointed to one working group. Due to the high workload, membership across more than one working group is not practical and ensures more people have the opportunity to contribute.