Moreton Bay working group

The Moreton Bay Working Group will trial a regional approach to fisheries management.  The working group will provide advice on the operational aspects of managing a range of fisheries and sharing fisheries resources within a defined geographic area i.e. Moreton Bay.

Moreton Bay is a popular adjacent to the primary population area of South East Queensland. The commercial catch from Moreton Bay comes from a variety of different methods including otter trawl, beam trawl, tunnel netting, gill netting, line and stocks a range of local markets and fish and chip shops.  There is also a significant worm and crab fishery operating within the Bay.  Many of the commercially targeted species are also taken by recreational fishers so there is significant competition for access to fisheries resources.  The fishery is also home to important traditional fishing by Aboriginal groups. Given the demand for fisheries resources from this area, it is also susceptible to localised depletion issues.